"Poor soil guards its treasures!"

The premium Babić wines are manufactured from an autochthonous strain of grapes of the same name, which is native to the growing localities Bucavac, Kremik, Strana, Trovrh and Jasenovik of the Primošten wine district. These localities are the best representations of human effort, strength and will to refine bare stone into poor, but nonetheless noble wine-growing soil. The wine is defined by a dark ruby coloring, a very pleasant aroma, and an exquisite taste and bouquet.

r. Šarić, the owner of Šaric Courts, also possesses part ownership of Babić Vineyards.

Šarić Courts serve to exemplify agritourism and the renovation of old stone cottages which have been rejuvenated by the Šarić family, thus returning to their chambers the scent of Dalmatian herbs, ancient recipes and traditional Dalmatian dishes which perfectly accompany the famed Babić wines, also from Primošten and protected by UNESCO.

Autochthonous dishes prepared in accordance with grandma's recipes are just part of the enjoyment the Šarić family's stone courts have to offer. All dishes are prepared traditionally, so as to preserve the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine. Not more than 4 kilometers from Primošten's beaches, seething asphalt and marine recreation, you can enjoy agritourism with all its specificities and advantages, which particularly relate to the beauty of the ambience, the quality of the food and the hospitality of the hosts, all of which will mesmerize you. You will undoubtedly wear a smile on your face for long after you have left Šarić Courts.

Vineyard procedures:

Image gallery of the Bucavac vineyard (UNESCO), photographs of which hang on the walls of the UN building as a monument to human labor.