Parking Šarićevi dvori

Grebaštica -> Šarićevi dvori

Primošten -> Šarićevi dvori

Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) -> Šarićevi dvori

Marina Kremik -> Šarićevi dvori

Bike ... Primošten -> Šarićevi dvori

Download whole bike map of Primošten - Šarićevi dvori here

Bike ... Rogoznica -> Šarićevi dvori

Download whole bike map of Rogoznica - Šarićevi dvori here

Taxi - Šarićevi dvori

Are you on holiday and are without your own vehicle, or just wish to lay back and not worry about driving yourself? The Šarić Courts house will provide you with a free one-way taxi ride, with an order of the full eight person menu.

Licensed taxis for Šarić Courts are:

1. For the area of: Rogoznica, Marina Frapa
TAXI Joško Paleka 091-666 00 00

2. For the area of: Primošten, Marina Kremik, Auto kamp, Grebaštica
TAXI Danijel Jurić 091-200 14 89

Šarić Courts wish you a pleasant and enjoyable ride!