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sobota, sierpień 17, 2019


The Central Mediterranean, a fortified town by the sea, the library of the historical sites and culture, protected by the limestone rocks and mountain hinterland, blessed with more than 300 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs in its waters, a rich vineyard treasury united in a unique poetry of the urban centre.

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Vaš specialista na plavby po Jadranu

GEOTOUR byl založen jako jedna z prvních soukromých cestovních kanceláří krátce po 10/1989. Vznikl jako malá, domácí, rodinná firma. Z té se postupně, malými kroky, stala plnokrevná kancelář s pravidelným servisem pro vás.

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Distance: 8km

Marina Frapa is a real jewel among the Adriatic marinas, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful marinas of the Mediterranean. It is located in Rogoznica, between Šibenik and Split, in the bay of Soline, sheltered from all directions.

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Distance: 5km

Marina Kremik is located not far from famous turistic town Primošten, almost in the center of Adriatic sea and it is open for sailors from 1983. Marina has standard for second category and marina care to keep this level or make better to get in future higher status, first category.

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Distance: 4km

Upon creating the earth, on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and as a resting place chose Primošten which he had created for himself for this purpose. So goes the pious story which many believe even to the present day...

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Distance: 8km

Rogoznica is a restful Mediterranean place in the heart of the central Adriatic. It has at its disposal 50 kilometres of extremely indented coast thus representing one of the most desirable places for vacation. Sailors and boaters are very fond of it because it is known for its exceptional beauty and safety among the other harbours in the Adriatic.

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Distance: 6km

In the bay and harbour south-east from the hill Oštrica You can dock larger yachts, and smaller yachts and boats in any of the small coves along the northern coast. Guests can find accommodation in comfortable arranged family houses and apartments, as well as in 20 camping sites.

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Farm "Kukurin" located in lakes on the island of Murter. The farm operates Kukurin equestrian club and association for the protection of donkeys "Equus asinus"

Jezera, island Murter
tel. +385(0)97 790 9941

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to Offshore-Boote - One step closer to your dream holidays!

With 28 yachts of 12 to 22 m length, our company became Croatia’s biggest motor boat charter company within few years! Read more about us, our yachts, the charter area and your dream holidays.

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The winery was founded in the 28th Sibenik 10th 1959th entitled "Vinoplod" Agricultural company, which emerged from the former Vinalka, as an organization that would unite viticulture and wine production in this area. Since 1993. The act called "Vinoplod-WINERY" Inc. ŠIBENIK.

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A sailing holiday with us helps you experience some of the best sailing grounds in the world. Choose from 30 fantastic sailing destinations & sail on an amazing journey.

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Distance: 2km

Aurora is one of Croatia’s largest and most famous club, one of the finest resorts on the Croatian coast, situated on the hills of the town of Primošten about 2 km from the central downtown area.

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Taxi - Šaričevi Dvori

Jesteście na urlopie bez auta, macie ochotę się zrelaksować,zabawić i nie myśleć o jeździe autom? Šaričevi Dvori dają Wam przewóz taksówka w jednym kierunku w prezencie ! Zamówcie pełny meni na 8 osób i my płacimy wasz powrót do domu.

Licencjonowane taksówki sa :

1. dla regionu:Rogoznica, Marina Frapa
Joko Paleka 091-666-00-00

2. dla reginu: Primošten, Marina Kremik, Auto camp, Grebaštica
TAXI Danijel Jurić 091-200 14 89


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